OCEANIA/AUSTRALIA - President of Australian Bishops’ Conference Archbishop of Canberra welcomes Benedict XVI: “A Church leader of profound experience and renowned theological intellect”

Wednesday, 20 April 2005

Rome(Fides Service) - Greeting the election of Benedict XVI President of the Australian Bishops’ Conference Archbishop Francis Carroll of Canberra said “He is the right Pope for this time: he will continue the agenda of Pope John Paul II. He is a very experienced man of the Church and he will give a strong leadership”. The Archbishop added: “Every Pope has his own personality and he will operate in his own way”. “The new Pope has given many years of outstanding service to the Church and is of renowned theological intellect”, recalling that the word was touched by the sensitivity of his homily during the funeral Mass for Pope John Paul II during which he paid tribute to the ate Pope’s total obedience to Christ’ call. “We pray for Benedict XVI as he too continues to answer the call of Christ, in his new role as our Holy Father”. The Bishops of Australia said. “We pray for the new Pope Benedict XVI as he starts his journey in the footsteps of St Peter. We promise him our support to deal with the challenges he faces”. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 20/4/2005 righe 16 parole 167)