ASIA/CHINA - Time to reflect on how to continue along the path traced by John Paul II

Thursday, 14 April 2005

Beijing (Fides Service) - Chinese Catholics continue to render homage to their beloved Pope John Paul II a local Catholic in Beijing told Fides: “The Holy Father’s life was a witness of love for God and love of neighbour. I think it was his experience of war and persecution which made him realise people’s need to feel and know they are loved”. After mourning and praying for the Pope Catholics in China are now reflecting on the coming of a new Pope and how to continue along the path traced by John Paul II. A local priest told Fides: “Many priests and lay people are asking how can we follow the example of John Paul II and achieve his dearest dreams. I think we must reflect and pray. This mission calls for wisdom, sense of responsibility for the Church and discernment of God’s plan and will. We hope the new Pope will visit China, something the late Pope so desired. We have always felt that we are part of the one, holy Catholic and apostolic Church”.
(Agenzia Fides 14/04/2005 Righe: 24 Parole: 262)