Friday, 11 July 2003

Panama (Fides Service – “At this final stage of preparation for the American Mission Congress (CAM 2), the theme of missionary spirituality is vital to give unity to the path we are travelling”: this was affirmed in a statement by the Central American Commission charged with the preparation of the Congress, sent to Fides Service by Father Antonio Bernasconi, National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Guatemala and CAM Executive Co-ordinator. “The preparatory process includes theological, pastoral, social and ecclesial, elements and now it is time to let ourselves be guided by the Holy Spirit, as the integrating and inspiring element of the missionary existing pastoral processes and those to come after the Congress” the Commission says.
Considering the fundamental importance of the spiritual dimension for the success of the Congress, the Commission has planned a Meeting 29 to 31 July in Panama, on the theme “Spirituality of mission, a challenge for our particular churches”. The main objective of the meeting is to “outline sound missionary spirituality which must animate pastoral processes in the particular Churches of Central America, especially its workers and structures”. The meeting will be attended by the Bishop Presidents of Mission Commissions of the Bishops’ Conferences, the President and Secretary of SEDAC (Segretariato Episcopale dell’America Centrale), National Directors of Pontifical Mission Societies, Members of Central Commission, DEMIS (Dipartimento di Missioni del Consiglio Episcopale Latinoamericano) and other special guests.
The meeting will be opened by Archbishop Dimas Cedeño of Panama and Bishop Julio Cabrera Ovalle, of Jalapa (Guatemala) who is also President of the Central American CAM2 Commission. On Wednesday 30 July, after a Concelebrated Mass presided by Bishop Cabrera Ovalle, there will be the first conference: “Missionary spirituality some traits most relevant today”. This will be followed by workshops on the following matters: “What essential traits of missionary spirituality can generate new mysticism able to inspire missione ad gentes?”; “An authentic missionary is always a saint says John Paul II. What characteristics must have priority in the missionary pastoral worker today”; “What means are necessary to develop new missionary spirituality?”. In the afternoon of Wednesday 30 July, the Commission Pastoral Vicars charged with drafting an “American Mission Project” will present the project which will be examined by the participants, before being approved. Thursday 31 there will be the presentation of the Itinerary of Congress (CAM 2). The Meeting will close with a solemn Concelebration at the National Shrine of Panama. (R.Z.) (Fides Service 11/7/2003; lines 34; words 413).

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