ASIA/CHINA - “Even though he could never come to China, his heart is always with us”: prayers for Pope John Paul II from several dioceses in the far east

Thursday, 7 April 2005

Beijing (Fides Agency) - According to “Faith”, the He Bei catholic bulletin, the whole catholic community of continental China is united to the universal Church in remembering Pope John Paul II. The dossier prepared by Faith, at, presents a general picture of the celebrations, prayers and Rosaries for the Pope which are taking place in several dioceses. From Le Shan in Si Chuan (west), Shang Hai (east), Cang Zhou in the He Bei (centre), to Hai Kou on the Hai Nan island (far south) and Shen Yang in the Liao Ning (north): from every corner of the Far East, prayers rise for the beloved Pope, considered “the Pope of the Chinese”.
A catholic journalist told Fides: “The homilies of the priests, with their words rising from the bottom of their hearts, reveal an unbreakable bond with John Paul II”. In his homily, Fr. Yao Jing Xing, belonging to the parish of St Peter in Shang Hai, said: “Our Pope is a great Pope. He was humble, full of holiness; he called himself the servant of the servants… He ardently desired to come to China and even though it was not possible, his heart is always with is. We believe that our Pope is now in heaven and he is our intercessor in front of the Lord”.
(Fides Agency 7/4/2005; 20 lines, 221 words)