AFRICA/DEMOCRATIC CONGO - “Pray for the conversion of hearts” says a Catholic Bishop in the Democratic Republic of Congo according to DIA new agency of the Congolese Bishops’ Conference

Wednesday, 9 February 2005

Kinshasa (Fides Service) - Pray for peace. This is the call for Lent launched by Bishop Stanislas Lukumwena, Bishop of Kole, in the centre of Congo, according to the news Agency of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference DIA.
The Bishop of Kole calls on politicians in Congo to give God the proper place in their lives. Recalling recent tension over the electoral process, Bishop Lukumwena wonders whether the country’s political leaders ever make an examination of conscience or compare their life style with the values of the Gospel.
“Pray for our country, for yourselves and your families. Pray and fast and makes acts of penance and charity” he urged the people. Bishop Lukumwena says that during Lent the Word of God must touch every heart and produce a change of life and attitude. “The problems facing our country are all a question of conversion” the Bishop of Kole recalls. “The Pope has called us to make prayers of adoration for authentic conversion and to achieve authentic communion with Christ in this Year dedicated to the Eucharist”.
Bishop Lukumwena stresses to need to sow the values of the Gospel in every heart in the diocese of Kole, to allow the Word of God to penetrate in local culture.
The Bishop also announced that his diocese will soon have its own Catholic Radio. “This will allow us to bring the Word of God to every home” said Bishop Lukumwena, who also announced the arrival of 80 tonnes of medical supplies for the 5 hospitals in the and material to enable schools to reopen. The diocese has purchased machinery for ultrasound scans and radiological examinations for two local hospitals. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 9/2/2005 righe 34 parole 362)