OCEANIA/SOLOMON ISLANDS - Quarterly newsletter of the Catholic Church of Solomon Islands launches Survey to improve communications service

Friday, 28 January 2005

Honiara (Agenzia Fides) - To improve its service aimed at building up the Catholic faith of the people through sharing of articles, experiences, views and news Voice Katolika, (1,600 copies) the quarterly newsletter of the Catholic Church of Solomon Islands recently launched a survey among its readers. The survey, addressed to parishes, clergy, religious men and women, catechists, animators and students, asks for opinions on the quality of the publication, the contents, Editorial, Letters to the Editor, Inspiring stories, Personalities Education, Youth Affairs Media Matters Coloured pictures on cover, Church documents, Sacraments, Picture inspiration, HIV / AIDS, social problems etc. The editor Salesian Father Ambrose Pereira, who is Director of Catholic Communications Solomons, underlines the importance of communications “to improve general education of people. The newsletter is supported by the Catholic Church in New Zealand and Australia. Less than 20% of the 450,000 people in Solomons can read and write. And most of those who can belong to the Christian community thanks to the fact that the Church has always run schools of all grades. PA (Agenzia Fides 28/1/2005; lines 19; words 196