AMERICA/CHILE - With the slogan “In communion, with Christ we will rebuild Chile’s soul” more than 1,600 university students prepare to undertake a mission programme “Mision Pais” to be extended all over the country this year

Thursday, 16 December 2004

Santiago (Fides Service) - In January, from 6-16 more than 1,600 university students from Chile and other countries of Latin America will start a second edition of Mision Pais social programme of solidarity to be extended all over the country in more than 40 mission zones to which 40 missionaries have been assigned. The slogan of the mission is “In communion with Christ we will rebuild Chile’s soul”.
“Mision Pais” , promoted by the Pastoral Commission of the Catholic University of Chile, involves students “willing to share their faith and experience of the Risen Christ with the people of the places to which they will be sent. They will also try to address the needs of the local Churches making their professional abilities available” Father Jorge Patricio Vega, SVD, National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Chile told Fides.
The main goals of Mision País are the following: share faith and experience of the Risen Christ as means of manifesting his love to others; build together a mission starting from the experience of each person; build friendship with young people willing to work with commitment, perseverance and faith for a more Christian Chile; take into consideration a theme of national importance and tackle it with seriousness, tact, commitment and prayer; collaborate with the Church and the country as university students: serve the Church as laity and the country as Christian students; put experience of universality at the service of mission.
“Mision Pais” has three basic elements: prayer as the basis of all mission; Mary, example and patroness of Chile, to whom students pray that their work may be in keeping with the will of her Son; service of the Church because with these activities intend to put themselves at the service of the Church.
“Mision Pais” has three dimension: a) Family Mission consisting of workshops for adults, young people and children. Young people and adults will discuss established themes to conjugate experience of Christ in the daily life of every person. Children will be involved in artistic and recreational activities. b) Mission of Solidarity will aim at putting the students knowledge at the service of mission: they will organise workshops on different themes: micro businesses, psychology, education, IT, etc. c) the Social Mission involves places in need of special care: prisons, hospitals, orphanages, old peoples homes etc.
Every day the mission starts with morning prayer and reflection on the them of the day. In the morning the students will visit families, prisons, hospitals etc. In the afternoon some will continue family visits and the rest will be involved in workshops. The day ends with Mass for everyone and later night prayer and recreation. For more info: (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 16/12/2004, righe 38, parole 525)