Lintner, Fink, Comina - DUE MONDI UNA VITA (Two Worlds One Life) - Luis Lintner. fidei donum priest and martyr - Ed. EMI

Tuesday, 14 December 2004

Rome (Fides Service) - On 16 May 2002 Father Luis Lintner was shot dead at the corner of the road where he lived in Salvador Bahia. He had been in Brazil as a Fidei donum priest sent by his local Church of Bolzen Brixen (northern Italy) to announce and witness to the Gospel. In Brazil he became amalgamated with the poor becoming with them a seed of liberation. He was meek and a mystic: "He sought silence to allow space for the Word of God" (Sr Felixine). His radical loyalty to the Gospel and his love and service were fruits of the Word. The second part of this book is a collection of 25 open letters addressed to his community at home to allow "both worlds" to evangelise each other. The message of hope they bore resounds in the last letter written a few weeks before his death: "The final word and act belongs to peace, not war; communion, not isolation, light not darkness, solidarity not criminality, community not enmity, life not death! We say this with the authority of Jesus: at last it is Easter Morning!". (S.L.) (Agenzia Fides 14/12/2004 - Righe 13; Parole 196).