EUROPE/SPAIN - Concerned about "our" problems, while thousands of people die every day

Thursday, 23 October 2014

Madrid (Agenzia Fides) - "Obviously World Mission Day in Spain had a shadow of sadness and sorrow: the death of two missionaries and a nurse infected with ebola" recalls the public letter of SCAM ("Servicio Conjunto de Animacion Misionera"), written by missionaries from various religious and secular congregations present in Spain, sent to Fides. "We stand in solidarity with health care operators in all countries, and with all those who are engaged in the defense of others - continues the text - while we thank those who make the Spanish society reflect on several serious problems that are elsewhere".
The missionaries claim that an important part of the authorities, politicians and the media have focused their criticism on the "possible irresponsibility of Teresa", the nurse infected with Ebola and then cured. "It is shameful not to recognize and evaluate, above all, her attitude of service, dedication and sacrifice in a risky job".
The Spanish missionary organization is also saddened because "another sector of the population (including the authorities) gave repeated evidence of selfishness, individualism and stubbornness, with an exaggerated concern for 'our' problems - for our safety - completely forgetting the countries most affected with ebola and, of course, other diseases and disasters that cause thousands of deaths every day. Someone rightly said that these people think and are concerned about saving themselves from the poor rather than saving the poor, raising all kinds of walls and barriers that isolate them. In this globalized world it is no longer possible: either we save everybody or we die together!"
In conclusion, the missionaries write: "We ask the authorities and all Spanish society, to treat migrants, who have left their homeland and family (and only God knows how much suffering there is) in order to seek a better life with all the dignity they deserve". (CE) (Agenzia Fides 23/10/2014)