AMERICA/ARGENTINA - For the Bishop of Posadas: "Lynchings, a serious social problem to be solved together"

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Posadas (Agenzia Fides) - After the recent gang violence against suspected criminals that is taking place in different parts of Argentina (see Fides 03/04/2014), His Exc. Mgr. Juan Ruben Martinez, Bishop of the Diocese of Posadas, speaking to a local television station said that similar incidents have occurred in Garupá. For the Archbishop, according to news sent to Fides Agency by local sources, these "lynchings" reveal a form of discomfort in the population, who feels powerless in the absence of institutions that work and protect its people. It also reveals a structural problem which, according to the Bishop, is linked to the consumption of drugs among young people, especially in suburban neighborhoods.
"The Bishops of Argentina, through the Bishops' Conference, wish to express their concern about the high number of lynchings and for taking justice in their own hands", said the Bishop, pointing out that these facts "are a serious social problem that reveals discomfort". According to Mgr. Martinez "many people feel very fragile and defenseless".
For the Bishop of Posadas "the link with drugs is clear, because there are many who steal to get it. But it is not just a problem of educating the young, there are also problems in the administration of justice ...". Therefore Mgr. Martinez condemned the phenomenon of so-called "urban tribes", which starting from big cities has now extended to Garupa, where on Saturday, April 5 a group of 50 residents killed a suspected member of a gang of thugs who work in the area, without the intervention of the police. According to the local press, the phenomenon of lynchings does not stop, there are more than 10 registered cases, but it seems that there are others in different parts of the country. (CE ) (Agenzia Fides 10/04/2014)