AMERICA/VENEZUELA - Pray for Venezuela and discern events in the light of the Word of God

Friday, 28 February 2014

San Cristóbal (Agenzia Fides) – “We are not here to say who is right or who is wrong, we are here to pray, to meet one another, to be enlightened in order to enlighten our faithful. The message from Pope Francis is very clear, he urges political leaders to find a way of peace and construction”: with these words Bishop Mario Moronta of the Venezuelan diocese of San Cristobal, addressed a group of lay people, religious and priests who had gathered with him yesterday to pray for Venezuela and to discern, in the light of God’s Word, the situation of the country.
According to a report sent to Fides, the participants at the encounter included the bishop emeritus of Mérida, Bishop Luis Alfonso Marquez, members of youth pastoral , lay Catholics from various parishes, chaplains and members of offices for pastoral care. The greater part of the meeting was devoted to prayer. There followed the proclamation of some passages of the Word of God from which to draw guidance and enlightenment regarding the present situation of the country . The meeting concluded with sharing on the basis of three key words “conversion - hope – commitment”.
As a fruit of this day of discernment, a message will be read out during the Sunday masses in the parishes in the state of Tachira. A prayer meeting with other religious confessions was announced for the first Friday of Lent, 7 March, in the courtyard of San Cristobal Cathedral to promote, "national reconciliation by means of reciprocal forgiveness ", as requested by Pope Francis in his message to Venezuela. (SL) (Agenzia Fides 28/02/2014)