AMERICA/HAITI - The signing of the agreement to overcome the political crisis in Haiti has been postponed

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Port au Prince (Agenzia Fides) - The President of the Senate of Haiti, Simon Dieuseul Desras, did not attend the ceremony on February 15 for the signing of the agreement reached between the parties to overcome the political crisis in Haiti. The Haitian President, Michel Martelly, with twenty leaders of political parties and several MPs, together with the President of the Episcopal Conference of Haiti, His Excellency Chibly Langlois, Bishop of Les Cayes, who was the mediator of the negotiations, waited in vain. According to the Haiti Press Network portal, the talks could resume in early March, since President Martelly and Msg. Langlois these days will be in the Vatican for the Consistory.
Desras, who had been authorized to sign the document on behalf of the other senators had perceived that he would not have ratified the agreement if the government had not published a complete list of the ten judges he proposed to integrate the Court of Auditors, in the official newspaper "Le Moniteur ". The Haitian government has, however, published only seven of the ten names, vetoing the three other candidates because they presented false documents. Two of them have denied the accusation.
Dialogue between the political forces in Haiti started on 24 January and ended February 12 with important agreements, even if at the last moment three of the main opposition parties withdrew: to hold elections this year, to open the government to all political forces, possible reform of the Constitution.
The elections in Haiti were supposed to be held two years ago, but the disputes over the formation of the electoral court and the law that regulates the conduct of elections, have postponed the consultation. To resolve this protracted crisis, the country still suffers from the aftermath of the devastating earthquake which happened four years ago, the Catholic Church has been asked to act as mediator. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 18/02/2014)