AFRICA/SOUTH AFRICA - Bishops’ message in view of the elections on May 7: "Let us carefully choose who to vote for"

Monday, 10 February 2014

Johannesburg (Agenzia Fides ) - "As we approach the elections, politicians call for our support through the use of the TV, radio and other media. It is important that we listen carefully and make up our minds as to how best to vote" say the South African Bishops in a message pubblished following the announcement of the date of the general election, to be held on May 7, sent to Fides Agency.
The Bishops suggest some criteria according to which the faithful are invited to choose how to vote: the sanctity of life and dignity of every human being; support with regards to marriage and the family; social responsibility and respect for the common good; equitable sharing of resources and wealth; solidarity with the poor and marginalized.
The message mainly focuses on this last point, calling "to vote for political parties whose policies truly serve all our people especially the poor and vulnerable. We must reject any sign of greed, ethnicity, corruption and self-enrichment".
"Dear Brothers and Sisters there can be no better way of celebrating the freedoms which we enjoy than by participating fully in our Country’s, say the Bishops", who conclude by asking the following prayer be prayed every day and at the celebration of the Mass from now until the election results are announced: "Lord we pray that the forthcoming election may bring about a deepening of our democracy and that we will carry out our duties as citizens responsibly and with respect for the rights of others. May the choices we make bring hope to the poor, unity to all our people and a more secure and peaceful future for our children. Amen". (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 10/02/2014)