ASIA/PAKISTAN - Unity for an "effective evangelization": reflection of Church leaders

Tuesday, 28 January 2014

Lahore (Agenzia Fides) - If Christians want to offer and carry out effective evangelization, the assumption is unity among them: is what emerged from a seminar held in Lahore which brought together priests, Pastors, catechists and seminarians from different Christian denominations present in Pakistan. As reported to Fides, the seminar, which was inspired by the recent conclusion of the Week for Christian Unity, put the issue to leaders and heads of Churches inviting them to make "an effort of unity, spirit, and also in organization, for effective evangelization". The participants stressed the "beauty of diversity": "Having a different thought is not negative. The beauty lies not in uniformity, but in plurality", said Fr. Moris Jalal OFM Cap, in his report. According to the priest, "our people go to other places of worship, because we are not able to satisfy their thirst for the Word of God".
Dr. Issac Emmanuel Bhatti, director of the "United Christian Hospital", talked about his valuable experience. Fr. Inayat Bernard stressed the progress made on the path of unity since 2012, with the launch of several programs and initiatives among the churches. At the conclusion of the meeting, Manu Romal Shah, Bishop Emeritus of Peshawar, of the Anglican Church, launched a message of hope and a wish: "Pakistani Christians are committed to spreading the Word of God expressing it through words and actions". (IB -PA) (Agenzia Fides 28/01/2014)