AFRICA/TOGO - "Do not lose hope in spite of social unrest", write the Bishops

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Lomé (Agenzia Fides) - "Can we speak of hope while the socio-political situation seems somewhat disturbing?" ask the Bishops of Togo in a pastoral letter published for Advent, focusing on Christian hope.
In the document the signs of hope are emphasized, such as the legislative elections of July 2013, which took place "in a peaceful and serene manner" but also "the challenges that still lie ahead are also highlighted: when will the local elections take place? When will institutional and local government reforms be carried out? When will the truth about the fire in Kara and Lomé be told?".
The fires defined "barbaric" by the bishops "have not only brought a fatal blow to our economy but have exacerbated the climate of mistrust among the Togolese". This is why the Bishops strongly "recommend that the judicial authorities promptly pursue investigations in order that those responsible are identified and consequently citizens are informed".
"In this way – continues the message - allegations of arbitrary detention made by some and allegations of defamation made by others will stop".
In the night between 10 and January 11, 2013 a fire destroyed the market in Kara, while the following night a fire destroyed the large market of Lomé, the capital.
Several members of the opposition coalition CST (Collectif Sauvons the Togo) were arrested and then released on bail on charges of being involved in two fraudulent facts (see Fides 10/07/2013). In turn, the leader of the CST accused some prominent members of the government and public administration to be responsible for the fire. (L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 04/12/2013)