ASIA/INDIA - A Bishop reiterates the "right to catechism" for children

Thursday, 7 November 2013

Cuddapah ( Agenzia Fides) - Among the many rights to be granted to children, there is also the "right to catechism", that is to say the right to Christian education in order to grow in faith: this is emphasized by His Exc. Msg. Prasad Gallela, Bishop of Cuddapah, in the state of Andhra Pradesh (southern India). In a note sent to Fides, the Bishop explains that "it is part of the Church's mission to ensure that every child has access to Christian catechism: it is education through which the faith of the child has the opportunity to grow and take root". In recent months, a number of social unrest in the state of Andhra Pradesh has forced the Christian educational institutions and parishes to stop or rarefy catechism classes for children. This is why the Bishop wanted to raise the awareness of parish priests, catechists and even the civil authorities to do everything in order not to neglect children’s catechism.
Fr. Akula Prasad, secretary of the Diocesan Commission for Catechesis adds: "I recently visited some schools, hostels and institutes who resumed regular educational activities a few days ago. I am pleased to note that most of our schools are doing a good job and their service is very much appreciated. We are grateful to those who provide a valuable contribution to the smooth functioning of catechism classes: I thank the priests, nuns and lay teachers who carry out their work with great enthusiasm". (SD-PA) (Agenzia Fides 07/11/2013)