ASIA/SOUTH KOREA - Bishop of Mongolia: "Thanks for the missionary commitment of the Korean Church"

Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) – Aid and missionary cooperation guaranteed by the Korean Church have been and still are crucial for the growth and progress of the small Church in Mongolia: this is what Bishop Wenceslao Padilla, Apostolic Prefect of Ulaanbaatar said during his visit to the Archdiocese of Seoul. As reported to Fides by the communications ofiice of the local Church, the Bishop sensitized parishes and Korean associations, launching a fundraising campaign to support Catholic schools in Mongolia.
Bishop Padilla, who has been carrying out his missionary work in Mongolia since 1992, said: "When I arrived in Mongolia, 21 years ago, there was no church and no Catholic. We have faced many challenges, from financial problems, to the cultural differences and language difficulties.
We were in a context in which the Christian religion was totally new and the most popular belief was Tibetan Buddhism . "In twenty years the Church has grown and has taken root, the Mongolian Church is small but lively and dynamic: "Today there is great hope for the flowering of the Christian faith in Mongolia thanks to the cooperation of the local population but also to the work of missionaries and sister churches", such as the Korean Church, which has sent over the years, said the Bishop, "financial support and missionaries".
Since 2004, the Church in Mongolia has received financial support from Korean ecclesial associations such as the "One Body One Spirit Movement", from a Missionary Foundation and the "Catholic Medical Center" of the Archdiocese of Seoul. The areas of cooperation are especially education and health. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 30/10/2013)