AMERICA/PERU - Peruvian Migrants' Day, October - month of the Lord of Miracles

Monday, 14 October 2013

Lima ( Agenzia Fides) - In the Year of Faith and on the occasion of the "Mes Morado" (Purple Month because people carry this color as a sign of penance), the month dedicated to the Lord of Miracles, the "Peruvian migrants' Day will be held on October 18".
The Bishops of Peru sent a message of greeting and encouragement to more than 3 million Peruvians living abroad, entitled, "The Lord of Miracles: the light of faith that guides the path of Peruvian migrants". The message recalls that in 2005 the Peruvian Bishops proclaimed the "Moreno Christ" (as the Lord of Miracles is known) "Patron of Peruvian migrants", so that "his loving presence guides us on our journey".
The message, as the note sent to Fides by the Episcopal Conference, recalls what Pope Francis said in his encyclical letter on faith: Lumen Fidei, that the "Year of Faith is a time of grace that helps us feel the great joy of believing". Therefore, the Peruvian Bishops highlight that the Lord of Miracles is "this presence, this light of faith that guides all Peruvian emigrants, encourages them, comforts them and, at the same time, it strengthens them in their daily lives".
"We bishops of Peru - concludes the note - together with your families want to reaffirm our love, and remind you that, despite being out of the Country, you are always part of it, no one should feel left out of our history".
(CE) (Agenzia Fides 14/10/2013)