ASIA/PAKISTAN - The Infant Jesus of Prague arrives in Gojra, place of anti-Christian massacres

Friday, 20 September 2013

Gojra (Agenzia Fides) - A statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague has been given and has arrived in recent days in the Sacred Heart Church in Gojra (Punjab province) and will remain there for the worship and devotion of the community. Its arrival is a consolation, a spiritual balm for the Christians of Gojra, especially for children. Gojra is the scene of a famous massacre of Christians: in 2009 a Muslim mob attacked the Christian area of the town, for an alleged case of blasphemy, burning houses and killing 8 Christians, including a child.
As reported to Fides by the pastor of the church, Fr. Yaqub Yousuf, the statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague, which comes from the Sanctuary of the capital of the Czech Republic, was greeted by more than 300 children and young people from over 30 villages of the area. "The Child comes to strengthen our faith: a celebration included in the Year of Faith. Let us reflect on Jesus’ childhood, a model for our little ones: they take wisdom, faith and the deep relationship with the Father from him".
With a solemn procession, the children led the Child Jesus, giving life to a show with songs, dances, theatrical performances from the life of the Child Jesus, as narrated in the Gospels. The story of some young people who gave testimony of "the wonderful works that Baby Jesus made in their lives" was very touching. The celebration and the solemn Mass saw the participation, among other priests, of Fr. Emmanuel Parvez, pastor in Pansara (Faislabad), where there is already a statue of the Infant Jesus of Prague; and Fr. Waseem Walter, National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Pakistan and promoter of "Holy Childhood" in the country.
In the local community, but also beyond its borders, leaflets with the prayer to the Infant Jesus of Prague in Urdu are already being distributed, and people are encouraged to approach the special devotion, which is becoming increasingly popular in Pakistan. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 20/09/2013)