AMERICA/PERU - Promotion of human development in the Andean communities, in particular for women and children

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Piura (Agenzia Fides) - In the world there are still 774 million illiterate adults. Of these, 493 million are women without access to basic rights, to scientific and technological progress. They live in conditions of isolation and marginalization because they do not know how to read or write. Among the initiatives promoted for human development in the Andean communities, the Escuela Campesina de Educación y Salud (ESCAES) has organized, since 1989, projected activities towards the improvement of farmers’ living conditions in the region of Piura. Concretely, in the province of Ayabaca, with the support of the Catholic NGO Manos Unidas, a program of activities to promote the integral development of the rural population is being carried out, especially women and children. Currently 780 families with an income of less than € 40 per month are benefiting. The type of training proposed aims to improve the nutritional and health conditions, environmental protection with sustainable agro-ecological practices, strengthening of leadership, democracy and gender equality as well as the enhancement of culture and traditions of the territory. Among the various workshops, in addition to those for literacy, there are other targeted to female formation on civil, socio-cultural, gender rights, leadership and citizen participation for women to be able to have a leading role on issues such as water and food management. (AP) ( Agenzia Fides 10/09/2013)