ASIA/INDIA - Teenagers captured by satanic rituals: alarm for Christians

Monday, 1 July 2013

Nagaland (Agenzia Fides) - The teenagers of the state of Nagaland in Northeast India are seduced by satanic groups that spread also through social networks. According to Fides sources, only in the last few months, more than 3,000 young people "worshipers of Satan" have been identified in Kohima, capital of Nagaland, and the cult is defending itself like wildfire. This is the alarm sent to Fides Agency by the various local Christian communities that, since April have started an actual "crusade" to find the teenagers involved and to pull them out from satanic groups. To save their children, the mothers of the "Catholic Association of the Women of Nagaland" (NCWA) took to the streets, who in the seminar held in past days reiterated concerns and risks and have put in place a program to stop "the terrible practice that touches our children".
According to rev. Zotuo Kiewhuo, Pastor of the Baptist Church in Kohima, satanic worship is widely practiced by young people in schools and universities, and over the past five years, the phenomenon has assumed significant proportions. Children absorb and spread the satanic culture mainly through websites and social network like "Facebook" and "Twitter". Now, the local Christians note, it is time to take adequate measures, due to the hazardous social, cultural and spiritual phenomenon. According to some sources, in Nagaland, a state with a 95% Christian population - a "satanic underground Church has already been established."
As reported to Fides, the Catholic mothers have reiterated their commitment to strengthen the children's knowledge of the Christian faith, without which they easily fall prey to confusion and, given the crisis of traditional cultural models, are exposed to the temptations of the devil and satanic worship. "The Family" – they stressed - is the first place where to present Jesus Christ as the only Lord and Savior, as the source of love. "
Pastor Shan Kikon, of the Protestant community "Faith Harvest Church" in Nagaland, told Fides that he had personally met a 12-year-old student who told him he practices Satanic worship. As in other youth fashions " friends, foreign culture, the mass media and social networks count," notes the Pastor, who many parents have turned to in order to save their children. According to Fides sources, "Satan has already invaded associations and Christian communities by creating confusion, mistrust, division" and the satanic sect could have "ministers and missionaries to mislead the Christians, put them against God and to extend its kingdom" .
Fr. Charles Irudayam, Secretary of the Commission "Justice and Peace" in the Episcopal Conference of India says to Fides: "We are shocked to learn about this news. Satanism is not, however, a widespread phenomenon in India. Those groups in the Northeast are an alarm bell. The Catholic Church and other Christian communities intend to work hard to deepen and strengthen faith in children and young people through pastoral programs of formation. Thus, in this Year of Faith, we could eradicate this evil". (PA) (Agenzia Fides 01/07/2013)