ASIA/INDIA – Blasphemous poses: the Indian model apologizes to Christians

Thursday, 20 June 2013

Mumbai (Agenzia Fides) - The Indian actress and model Kavitta Verma made an an official apology because in a film and a video she appeared in seductive poses with a rosary around her neck, causing the protest of Indian Christians (see Fides 15/6/2013). As learned by Fides, the producers of the film "Policegiri", TP Aggarwal and his son Rahul Aggarwal, have expressed regret for hurting the Christian community’s feelings ensuring those responsible of the "Catholic Secular Forum" (CSF) that the frame will be removed from the movie. The producers said they have the utmost respect for all faiths, undertaking not to repeat such mistakes. Kavitta Verma also sent a letter of "unconditional apology" claiming to not want to offend anyone and to committ to withdrawing all the images that portray the Rosary from the web. "I made a mistake and I pledge to use the utmost reverence for religious objects in the future," says the actress and stresses to understand and respect the concerns expressed by the Christian community.
In a note sent to Fides, Joseph Dias, leader of the CSF, responded that "Christians, for their faith, forgive but this does not mean they can accept blasphemy or profanity toward one's faith", inviting the directors and producers of Bollywood to respect the symbols of all religions. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 20/06/2013)