ASIA/BANGLADESH - A seminary attacked "for unknown reasons," says the Bishop

Friday, 7 June 2013

Dinajpur (Agenzia Fides) - The inter-diocesan seminary "Jisu Dhyana Niloy" in the Diocese of Dinajpur, in the north of Bangladesh, was attacked yesterday afternoon by a group of local Muslims. This is confirmed to Fides by the Bishop of Dinajpur, Msg. Sebastian Tudu, who said he was "shocked" because "there is no reason for the gesture." The militants, members of a local Islamic group, forced the door, devastated the furniture and started beating some of the 25 seminarians who were in the institute and suffered minor injuries. The police were alerted and the Bishop will file a complaint. Today, the Rector Fr. George Gomes brought the students temporarily to another place.
The Bishop explained that, a few hours before the attack, there had been a conflict between Muslim and tribal families in a nearby village. After the fight, the Muslims, for no apparent reason, went to the Seminary and attacked him. The Church in the diocese, remarked Bishop Tudu, "is very involved in the pastoral care of human development, education and development of tribal communities." The Bishop launches through Fides, an appeal "for disputes to be resolved through dialogue and for peace to be maintained in our region."
The seminary "Jisu Niloy Dhyana" is a "preparatory institute", which offers a time of deepening and vocational formation for the students who have finished the minor Seminaries, before continuing their studies in the major Seminary. It welcomes an average of 20 students per year, from all the dioceses of the country, who are accompanied in a path of human, psychological and spiritual development. In past years it it received economic aid from the Pontifical Society of "St. Peter the Apostle" that finances the activities of about 900 seminaries around the world. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 07/06/2013)