AMERICA/BOLIVIA - Theft in the churches: Cardinal Terrazas responds to Morales

Monday, 29 April 2013

Santa Cruz (Agenzia Fides) - In a clear and direct manner the Bolivian Cardinal Julio Terrazas, confirmed the suitability, loyalty and dedication of his confrere bishops, in service to the Church of Bolivia and denounced those who shed lies to denigrate the opponent.
Cardinal Terrazas rejected the statements made a few days ago by President Morales, who accused some Bishops of the theft of precious offerings in some churches and shrines. Cardinal Terrazas, in fact, said very clearly that "the pastoral service of a Bishop is not carry in their pocket the keys to open the temples, but to be close to the people and not to make them sleep, but to make them stay awake so that nobody can take away their freedom."
In the different statements of the Bolivian Episcopal Conference (CEB) and in yesterday’s homily, Cardinal Terrazas called on the authorities to continue the investigation seriously and not to condemn anyone without proof. "It is not by qualifying accomplices or raising the voice against Bishops that things are resolved," said the Cardinal, with a clear allusion to President Morales.
As reported to Fides by local sources, the Catholic community was shaken by the theft of the jewels of the Madonna in more than a temple, and precisely for this reason that pastors continue to seek the help of the faithful to protect their churches by vandals and actions on behalf of criminals. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 29/04/2013)