ASIA/INDIA - With Pope Francis, the charism of religious life for the renewal of the Church

Friday, 22 March 2013

New Delhi (Agenzia Fides) - "History has repeatedly demonstrated that the charism of religious life can bring about change and growth of the Church in terms of holiness and effectiveness of its mission. St. Benedict, St. Francis, St. Ignatius are examples of such historical achievements. With Pope Francis the Holy Spirit indicates this direction": is what is said in a statement sent to Fides Agency by the Conference of Religious of India (CRI), which brings together more than 130,000 monks and nuns of the active life, of several orders, showing "affection and the communion of heart and mind" with new Pope Francis. The Pope's words such as "brotherhood", "simplicity", "custody", "poverty" are appreciated, which will hopefully flourish the life of the Church. "Pope Francis can give an impetus to the renewal of the Church" and his pontificate may be "an opportunity for a renewed impetus in mission," says Brother Mani Mekkunnel, National Secretary of the CRI. Above all "the option for the poor, is expected to bring a new enthusiasm to the Church," he says.
"Catholic theology – concludes the Secretary - has always supported that the universal Church is a communion of churches", but the Church has often been perceived in the world as the "Roman Catholic Church" that exported its faith. And in some Asian countries, Christianity is called a "foreign religion." One of the challenges of this new papacy is just to make the "universal vision" of the Gospel message heard in the entire world. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 22/03/2013)