ASIA/INDIA - The Church to the Head of the police: "Sex education is important"

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Mumbai (Agenzia Fides) - Sex education for children and young Indians? In the lively debate that is taking place in the country - following numerous cases of group rapes that have attracted national and international attention - the Catholic Church emphasizes the importance of sex education, calling it "education to the body." Even in the face of positions such as that of the Chief of Police of Mumbai, Satyapal Singh, who yesterday stressed during a news conference: "Sex education could make things worse, because crimes against women register a higher rate than in countries that have sex education in their curriculum." Sing criticized "study programs that simply teach students how to have sex", with an emphasis on 'moral education, and stated that "sexual violence is more psychological than physical."
Fr. Anthony Charanghat, Director of Examiner, a weekly of the Archdiocese of Bombay, says to Fides Agency, in response to the Chief of Police: "Sex education is very important, not only as prevention of the phenomenon of rape. The question is how it is carried out: it cannot only be on the condom, on sex before marriage or only concerning the biological aspect, but it has to be centered on the value of the body and on respect for every individual. In the diocese of Bombay we have promoted sex education programs that teach you how sex is a gift of God, it is a participation in his own creative work. Already in some Catholic schools there are programs like this. In this approach, centered on the great value of the person, we have collected the support of large sectors of society and of other religious communities. Education is always important for the growth and development of new generations. The Church promotes a correct conception of education, even in this field: that, for example, does not encourage abortion ". "These contents - he adds - will be highlighted on the Day of respect for life and for the equal dignity of man and woman that we will be experienced in the Diocese on January 27, and attended by believers of different faiths."
With regards to the roots of the spread of rape, the Director adds: "There is a concept of woman as object, especially in rural areas, due to an old mentality. In urban areas, however, there is the influence of the mass media that often show sex and violence." (PA) (Agenzia Fides 15/01/2013)