AFRICA/ETHIOPIA - Orthodox Christmas celebrated in the small community of Adaba

Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Robe (Agenzia Fides) – The Christmas celebrations for the Orthodox Churches have just concluded. From the mission of Robe, Ethiopia, Father Angelo Antolini, National Director of the Pontifical Mission Societies in Ethiopia and Apostolic Prefect of Robe, sent to Fides Agency a brief report on the feast just celebrated in Adaba, one of the districts of Arsi Zone in Oromia, Ethiopia. "In Adaba - writes Father Angelo - we celebrated a nice Christmas with the community. We were about 25. After Mass we did a small procession inside the compound with the Child carried by the youngest children until our house where then all together we shared a cup of coffee and some sweets.
Looking at the poor brothers and sisters of the Church of Adaba who were in front of me – continues the prefect - I saw the realization, although in a milder form, of the letter of St. Paul to Titus, which I commented during the homily. I felt a part of this new population of saints, they are always looking for communion, at all costs, even when this does not happen due to our weaknesses and sins." " Three years ago - concluded father Angelo – on celebrating the Eucharist on Christmas night there were 4 people and I remember doing a serious act of faith in God, putting his hands in that community. Today we are almost thirty" (AP) (Agenzia Fides 08/01/2013)