AMERICA/MEXICO - "Let us welcome social justice, truth and peace": the invitation of Archbishop Chávez Botello

Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Oaxaca (Agenzia Fides) - One of the Christmas traditions in Mexico which has an important role is constituted by the so-called "posadas", which in the days of the Christmas novena, from December 16 to 24, brings to life in the form of dramatization the search for accommodation by Mary and Joseph. "The 'posadas' in our country have become part of popular culture, a good practice full of lessons that should be strengthened, celebrated and passed down from generation to generation" is what is read in the reflection of the Archbishop of Antequera-Oaxaca, His Excellency Mons. José Luis Chávez Botello. "In the context in which we live – he continues - the posadas are really breath and oxygen for many individuals and for society, because it shows that it is possible to have human contact in a constructive way, to live in peace with people and different families, neighborhoods and communities." "The posadas encourage us to open ourselves to others, to share, to live together and rejoice together ... they are a practical school of fundamental values of social life and healthy living."
The note sent to Fides Agency by the Episcopal Conference of Mexico, briefly explains the history of the posadas, born in the sixteenth century in the courtyards of the monasteries in order to evangelize. The word "posada" means a family-run inn. The Indians who personify Joseph and Mary in Bethlehem, go around asking hospitality in an atmosphere of prayer, with songs and poetic verses that accompany them while knocking on several doors. "Some people reject them, but this sadness is compensated by shared joy when a family opens their home - explains the statement -. A way to show that, when one opens the door of their home to God, the fruits of a healthy and happy life do not delay."
Monsignor Chávez Botello concludes his paper by asking: "Let us welcome social justice, truth and peace, so that they may bring us pilgrim Saints. Let us celebrate in this way the posadas in every corner of our state of Oaxaca to overthrow resentments and prejudices in order to heal the wounds of the past and contribute to the health of our society. We need to create spaces and opportunities for interaction and a healthy lifestyle, without excluding anyone. Those who live in Oaxaca are not enemies, but brothers and sisters who share the same land, we have the same needs and the same suffering. Our enemies are ambition, corruption, social injustice, poverty and violence." (CE) (Agenzia Fides 18/12/2012)