AMERICA/ARGENTINA - "Reconciliation does not mean" blank state" and even less impunity, we must engage in the search for truth," the Bishops say

Saturday, 10 November 2012

Buenos Aires (Agenzia Fides) - Truth concerning the years of military dictatorship and justice for the victims of violence. Is what the Argentinean Bishops hope in the document published yesterday, November 9, at the end of the 104th Plenary Assembly of the Episcopal Conference of Argentina. The document, sent to Fides Agency, is entitled: "Faith in Jesus Christ leads us to truth, justice and peace."
"We know the sufferings and complaints of the Church, about the many cases of missing persons, tortured and executed without trial, of children torn from their mothers, because of State terrorism. We also know of the death and devastation caused by the violence of the guerrillas. We cannot and we do not want to avoid the responsibility to go forward in the knowledge of the painful and embarrassing truth for everyone," write the Bishops.
"Although it is not easy to reveal the lived history, or the liability of every person, a concern for the completion of an investigation, remains."
"Reconciliation is not "blank state", even less impunity. We must engage in the search for truth, to recognize what is harmful and compensate in justice the damage caused ", emphasizes the document.
"We are committed to working and determined to promote brotherhood and social friendship of the people of Argentina, to walk together towards the search for the common good. In this Year of Faith, together with the Church throughout the world, and in the path of the Bicentennial of the Nation (2010-2016), we renew our commitment of service to all, especially with those who suffer the most. We ask the Virgin Mary to embrace all those who are waiting for the consolation of truth, justice and peace," the document concludes. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 10/11/2012)