AMERICA/HONDURAS - Caravan of mothers in search of missing children will travel 14 Mexican states

Saturday, 13 October 2012

El Corinth (Agenzia Fides) – On Monday, October 15, the "Caravan of Mothers of Central America" will arrive in El Ceibo, an important point in the Mexico-Guatemala border.
The caravan is composed of parents from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala looking for their missing children in Mexico in transit to the United States (see Fides 03/10/2012).
In a note sent to Fides Agency it is underlined that the caravan left on October 10, with the intention of arriving on November 3rd in the Federal District of Mexico City, covering 14 States and stopping in 23 cities, in search of clues that can lead to their missing children.
During the nearly 4,600 km journey, participants will be supported by local authorities, migrant hostels, institutions of immigration of the States of Tlaxcala, Tamaulipas and the Federal District, as well as universities, activists and supporters of the rights of migrants.
The initiative also aims to draw attention to the treatment that the Mexican authorities offer to Central American immigrants. It is no secret that on the streets of Mexico several immigrants have disappeared or been murdered, especially in the last six years, since when in Mexico "war against organized crime" broke out. There are no official statistics, but it is claimed that the war caused some 70,000 deaths or missing people, among which there are several immigrants.
The mothers participating in the Caravan also made a request for the exhumation of the bodies found in mass graves in cemeteries, where hundreds of people are buried without identification. "All Mexico is a graveyard of immigrants," reads a sign displayed by the caravan. The Church of Central American Countries have reported on numerous occasions this sad situation and support immigrants in their demands. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 13/10/2012)