ASIA/HOLY LAND - A pilgrimage with stops to crusaders Castles, led by the historian Franco Cardini

Thursday, 11 October 2012

Jerusalem (Agenzia Fides) – It will be a unique journey to Holy Land from 1 to 9 November which will be made by a group of European pilgrims on the proposal of the Franciscans of the Custody of the Holy Land. In addition to visiting the traditional Holy Places, the program includes several stops in some of the most famous and picturesque crusader Castles in the region. Professor Franco Cardini, Florentine historian specialized in the study of the Middle Ages, will lead the group, together with Father Stefano De Luca Ofm, Franciscan Biblical Study archaeologist of Franciscan Biblical Study in Jerusalem.
The Crusades in the Middle East continue to be a controversial topic. In Lebanon, since the end of September, the formation al-Machreq - that presents itself as spokespersons of groups of young Orthodox Christians - is leading a campaign against the turkish film Fetih 1453 (Conquest 1953) which is about the capturing of Constantinople on behalf of the Ottomans in 1453. Rodrigue Khoury, spokesman for the group, denounced the film and its historical falsifications as a propaganda to foment political and religious conflicts between Christians and Muslims. "In the film," said Khoury to the Lebanese press "it depicts the battle between two civilizations. A 'white' civilization (Muslim) and a 'black' one." (GV) (Agenzia Fides 11/10/2012)