AMERICA/HONDURAS - "60 days without violent events", the campaign for peace in prisons bears fruit

Saturday, 4 August 2012

San Pedro Sula (Agenzia Fides) - With only a day dedicated to catechesis and presided by Monsignor Romulo Emiliani, Auxiliary Bishop of San Pedro Sula, the campaign for peace in prison, organized by the Pastoral Commission for prisoners continues.

The initiative, called "La Paz no tiene rejas" (Peace has no bars), was proposed by the inmates themselves, whose attitude was praised by Mgr. Emiliani, "the prisoners live this moment intensely and ask for this type of catechesis, centered on love for life; this situation is beautiful, I am convinced that many are changing their attitude toward life."

"We talked about the commitment to live with Christ, to seek the Lord. We must continue with this form of evangelization, so that they are fully open to Christ," added the Bishop, who also stressed that society must work together to lend a hand to the detainees who are ending their jail sentence." When they finally come out, an opportunity has to be given to them. They have every right to start over again. If they get a decent job, people with a good job do not have time to think about bad things."

The director of the prison of San Pedro Sula, Oquelí Mejia Tinoco, who has followed the initiative, said that "we are excited about what is happening these days, we know that it is a way of consolidating peace. For more than 60 days there have been no violent events. "

"We want peace, to stop violence, but there can be no peace if there is no justice. Prisoners must be treated like all human beings, they have the right to health care, education, and they deserve a second chance " emphasizes Zobeida Mendoza, a member and coordinator of the Commission for the Pastoral Care of prisons. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 04/08/2012)