AMERICA/CHILE - Week of the Family, 3 - 10 October: help every family make the home a “little church” and take the crucifix as the main sign of its faith

Thursday, 30 September 2004

Santiago (Fides Service) - The Church in Chile is preparing to live the Week of the Family 3 to 10 October with the theme “He loved us to the end" (Jn 3,16), organised by the National Commission for Family Pastoral of the Bishops’ Conference.
With this initiative, the Commission explains, we wish to reach every family in the country, believers and non, regular and irregular couples, putting into practice Pope John Paul II’s call for “more generous, intelligent and prudent pastoral... for families in situations which are objectively difficult” (cfr. Familiaris Consortio n 77).
The Commission proposes in particular that every family should live a moment of closeness, dialogue and spiritual communion with Jesus and make the home a “little church” and to take the cross as the principle symbol of its faith, because it is a permanent reminder of God’s love and call to respond with love to the unconditioned love of Christ. Families are asked to reflect on four questions: Why should we put the cross where it can be seen in our home? How can we make it become a daily incentive to assume a Catholic style of family life? How can we cultivate love in our home? How can we shoulder the cross of Christ, the part of suffering, which belongs to family life?
Activities for the Week of the Family will begin on Sunday 3 October: during the opening Mass couples will renew their marriage promises and they will receive a cross to take to homes. Tuesday 5 October there will be a meeting for children and on Thursday 7 there will be a "Family Dinner". The Week will end with Mass on Sunday 10 and a special Blessing of Families. (RG) (Agenzia Fides 30/9/2004 - Righe 22; Parole 306)
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