AMERICA/UNITED STATES - Fortnight for freedom: "These rights are fundamental to every human being, we cannot allow them to be trampled on"

Friday, 22 June 2012

Washington (Agenzia Fides) - "Fortnight for freedom": from June 21, the eve of the feast of St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, to July 4, Independence Day, the campaign for religious freedom promoted by the Bishops will be held in the United States of America. The liturgical calendar celebrates in this period a large number of martyrs who remained loyal in the face of persecution on behalf of the political power: St. John Fisher and St. Thomas More, St. John the Baptist, Saints Peter and Paul, and the first martyrs of the Church of Rome. "The campaign will end on Independence Day, and will be a special period of prayer, study, catechesis and other public initiatives that will emphasize our Christian heritage and freedom in America - writes the Episcopal Conference of the United States of America in note sent to Fides Agency-. The dioceses and parishes throughout the country have planned special events to accompany this great national campaign of education and witness for religious freedom. " The campaign will end on July 4 with a Mass at the National Shrine in Washington.
"Help save our religious freedom": is the invitation printed on the posters that are posted all over the country. "As Catholics, we are constantly called to live our faith in everyday life – is what is read on the posters -. With our love we give comfort to the sick, we feed those who are hungry, we take care of the poor and protect life. In public life we are guided by our values. Wherever we are we strive to practice what we preach. Across America, our right to live our faith is threatened by Washington DC forcing Catholic institutions to provide services that contradict our doctrine, from state governments that prohibit our charitable agencies the service to the most vulnerable." The text concludes with an invitation: "These rights are fundamental to every human being. We cannot allow them to be trampled on. We cannot remain silent." (CE) (Agenzia Fides 22/6/2012)