ASIA/SYRIA - The revolution is not and should not be an "Islamic Jihad"

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Damascus (Agenzia Fides) - "The Syrian revolution is a struggle for the ideals of democracy, freedom, dignity, human rights. It is not and must not become an 'Islamic jihad', which is why Christians have nothing to fear ": is what is reported to Fides by a Syrian citizen, Sunni Muslim, a member of the middle class and of a well-known family of Damascus, that requested anonymity for security reasons. Mohammed El Shami – as he wants to be called- is an intellectual of great depth, who has traveled extensively throughout the world and who share the ideals and the struggle of the Syrian opposition.
As far as the situation in Syria is concerned, the intellectual points out: "Our revolution began peacefully in March 2011 and continued peacefully for the first few months. But the regime of Assad made this peaceful revolution impossible, therefore violence was inevitable. After the first 7-8 months, many soldiers began to desert the official Syrian army, because they refused to kill their own people, and formed the Free Syrian Army to protect the peaceful demonstrations and their families." "The Assad regime – he continues - continued to massacre our people: thousands of innocent civilians died, including many children and women. Our people continue to ask for support and humanitarian aid" from the "free and civilized " world, that does not arrive, so this is why today we are disappointed and we feel left alone." "The indifference of the world has unfortunately contributed to the fact that some Muslim fanatics, from the Gulf region, have started to support our revolution. Today our revolution is likely to be polluted and diverted by some individuals (not groups) radical fanatics." According to Mohammed El Shami we are dealing with "Syrian jiahdistis, members of small minority fringes, who think of the Islamic law as the solution of all problems such as underdevelopment, poverty, dictatorship." "It is clear - notes the source of Fides – they are totally blind: we all believe that the Free Syrian Army do not need their help or their support. In recent months, even civilians are joining the opposition army: So now we can talk of armed resistance of civilians who want to protect their families and villages."
Fides source remarks: "Christians must not be afraid that the Free Syrian Army fights against them." "Our revolution - he explains - is a revolution for freedom, democracy and dignity. It is against tyranny, corruption and injustice." Like other ethnic and religious groups, he notes, "Syrian Christian leaders are involved in the revolution. In our Syrian National Council (SNC), which brings together all sectors of the opposition, there are many Christian members, including George Sabra, Spokesman of the SNC. "
"It is true that the revolutionaries, in some cities - El Shami admits - used some churches as hospitals or temporary basis, but it is also the case of many mosques. We condemn the use of religious buildings for the revolution, but the Syrian Christians need not fear a future jihad against them. The secular and pluralist approach will prevail for several reasons: firstly, because our society has become accustomed to living and has always been able to hold back fundamentalism; also our people are fighting for freedom, democracy, honesty, justice and prosperity. They do not want the application of the sharia. The fanatics will not win." (PA) (Agenzia Fides 20/6/2012)