AMERICA/BRAZIL - The Third Missionary Congress is approaching: The Missio ad Gentes is the primary mission of the Church

Brasilia (Agenzia Fides) – In less than a month the Third National Missionary Congress of Brazil will begin, the event is strongly felt in the community. The Congress will be held in Palmas (Brazil), from July 12 to 15, on the main theme: "Missionary Disciples: from Brazil for a secularized and multicultural world, in the light of II Vatican Council." Jaime Carlos Patias, IMC, director of the magazine " Missões " and in charge of the Communications of the National Missionary Congress, sent to Fides a contribution that emphasizes the importance of the Missio Ad Gentes.
"Feeding on the Word and the Bread of Life, that is Jesus, without committing to the mission, means not fully living faith. One thinks of the pastoral of conservation, the celebration of worship, the sacraments. It is true that one has the right to be cared for spiritually, but this work of evangelization does not reach more than 3% of 30% of those who are Christians, in a world of seven billion human beings. One might think of ministers able to reach 27% of the baptized who are not actively involved in Church life and need a 'new evangelization' or 're-evangelization'. However, the first proclamation, intended as missio ad Gentes, concerns about 70% of the world population and is the primary mission of the Church.
"It is by giving faith that it strengthens" (RM 2). In addition to loving God, we are called to come out of the sacristy and the presbytery and to love God in thy neighbor, with a spirituality that embraces all expressions of human life. Full life is total giving and sharing, and this is the mission, therefore our life is a mission that is at the same time our vocation."(CE) (Agenzia Fides 15/6/2012)

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