AMERICA/COLOMBIA - "Violence begets violence and it is always an insult to man" Bishop of Barrancabermeja’s appeal

Thursday, 14 June 2012

Barrancabermeja (Agenzia Fides) – His Exc. Mgr. Camilo Fernando Castrellón Pizano, S.D.B, Bishop of Barrancabermeja, has launched an appeal to the civil and military authorities, and to the whole community to join efforts in combating the violence that erupted in the area of Barrancabermeja and Magdalena Medio (about 200 km north of the capital, Bogota). "As Bishop of the Diocese of Barrancabermeja, with deep concern, I recently see reports of threats and violent deaths, of which different media have informed public opinion, that shake the core of our being, remembering a past that we do not certainly want to return to," said Mgr. Castrellón in a statement. In the note sent to Fides Agency from the Episcopal Conference, we also read that in a few days, there were 3 killed in the popular districts of the area. There are also "voices" of the the presence of criminal organizations in Magdalena Medio. "Life is sacred and inviolable. Violence begets more violence and it is always an insult to man," said the Bishop in the statement, strongly condemning the violent acts that "constitute an attack against life." He invites people and communities to cooperate with authorities to resolve peacefully, through dialogue, their difficulties. The local press has reported that violence in the area, including cases of abuse and violence against women, can not be attributed to the FARC, but to local crime. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 14/6/2012)