ASIA/AFGHANISTAN - The "Party of Solidarity" at risk, accused by "warlords"

Saturday, 12 May 2012

Kabul (Agenzia Fides) – It is an "uncomfortable" party and therefore in danger of disappearing, accused and delegitimized by "warlords" and by criminals. The Democratic Party of Afghanistan "Hambastagi" ("Party of Solidarity"), an expression of civil society movements, women, youth, lawyers, last April 30 organized an event, on the twentieth anniversary of the seizure of power of Kabul by militia fundamentalists, to demand justice for the civilian victims and the deposition of "warlords" who sit in the Afghan Parliament. Now those same criminals intend to take from the party every political legitimacy, canceling its legal status, making it illegal and asking its members to be put on trial for insulting "jihad".
The leaders of the Party of Solidarity have officially been called in the Senate to answer charges, and the state TV has already announced that the registration of the Party was canceled, although the Hambastagi has not yet received any official notification.
In past days, according to a note on behalf of the Party, which Fides received, the leaders have received threats over the phone and by e-mail by warlords. There are clear signs of intimidation, explain sources of Fides, showing that they are still far from political freedom and freedom of expression in Afghanistan.
The Party, in the note sent to Fides, asks for the support of Afghan citizens who care about democracy, in the country and abroad. Rasikh, a representative of Hambastagi, asks all democratic institutions, associations, supporters, human rights activists, to send letters of protest to both Houses of the Afghan Parliament, to the President, the Ministry of Justice. The Hambastagi party represents a hope for a democratic future and respectful of individual rights and freedoms in Afghanistan. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 12/5/2012)