ASIA/PHILIPPINES - A documentary and a march to protect the culture of life

Manila (Agenzia Fides) - The Church of the Philippines intends to pursue a "culture war" to protect the value of life: this is why it promoted the creation of a documentary entitled "Philippines: preserving a culture of life", carried out by the association "Human Life International" (HLI), at the forefront of this campaign. As reported to Fides by Fr. Shenan J. Boquet, international President of "Human Life International", the documentary "comes at a critical moment for the Philippines: May is a very important month in the fight against the Reproductive Health Bill, which is at the center of the documentary." The Assembly of the Philippine Congress, in fact, meets on May 7, and the battle for the approval of the bill is still open: "Our Filipino brothers and sisters are already preparing to continue the fight against this anti-life legislation, which contradicts the protection of life and family in the existing Constitution of the Philippines.
The film will be released worldwide. Rene Bullecer, director of the HLI in the Philippines, says to Fides: "We are still on red alert. We must unite and protect this country lover of life. To sensitize the pro-life activists in over 50 dioceses, which keep in contact with members of the Congress and promote moments of prayer for life." Bullecer concludes: "We can win this battle, even if there is huge international pressure on the country to approve this anti-life bill."
On 7 May "Youth Forum" will be held in Manila: a thousand pro-life supporters will gather in the church of San Pietro, situated just 3 km from the House of Representatives, where the Congress is convened. After the event, protesters, mostly students and young people, will parade from the Palace of Congress calling for respect of life and the abandonment of the Bill. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 04/05/2012)

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