AMERICA/PARAGUAY - Aid for the population of El Chaco, who continues to be adversely affected by floods

Asunción (Agenzia Fides) - The situation in the western region of El Chaco in Paraguay continues to worsen because of the persistent rains which continue to fall in the area (see Fides 18/04/2012). The floods have affected 90% of the region, damaging more than 60 thousand people. The Secretariat for the National Emergency (SNE), confirms that the situation is particularly critical even in Upper Paraguay, due to a flood of the Pilcomayo River from the south of Bolivia. One cannot imagine the damage caused to agriculture since most of these territories live on farming and cattle breeding. A group of technicians have been sent to work to restore the power line and a transformer of emergency. The goal is to obtain sufficient electricity to operate a suction pump capable of eliminating 300 000 liters of water per hour. The solidarity of the Paraguayan and people from outside fuels hope in the disaster area. Donations continue to arrive, just in the city of Concepcion, after a marathon 10 hours 6,324 pounds of aid were collected. Drugs are mainly needed for fever and diarrhea, antivenin, mineral water, milk, juices, non-perishable canned foods, clothing, blankets, mosquito nets, rain boots, rubber shoes and mattresses. Even most of the Faculty of the National University of Asunción have joined in these actions of solidarity. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 30/4/2012)

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