AMERICA/PARAGUAY - Emergency for the worst flooding in 15 years in the region of El Chaco

Asunción (Agenzia Fides) - At least 40 000 people have suffered serious damage due to the flooding which recently struck the western region of El Chaco, in Paraguay. According to data on behalf of the Secretariat for National Emergency (SNE), the heavy rains in the last 3 weeks which have fallen on this area of the South American country have caused the overflowing of the Pilcomayo River in the neighboring regions of Argentina, causing drownings in the center of El Chaco and isolating thousands of local families with their livestock. Currently 10 000 families are surrounded by water or are their homes are completely flooded and, given the negative forecasts for the next few days, it is feared that they could be become 40 000. This is the worst flood recorded in the area over the last 15 years. The district of Loma Plata, in the heart of the region, is one of the areas most seriously affected. Lack of food, drinking water and electricity. The SNE, the main government agency for assistance to the population in cases of natural disasters, will send about 44 000 pounds of food, clothing and plastic tents. The relief efforts have been made more difficult by the interruption of flooded roads. There are 3 000 supplies for the thousands of families who have suffered injuries, many of whom are temporarily in a shelter set up by SNE. (AP) (Agenzia Fides 18/4/2012)

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