AMERICA/PERU - Initiatives for the Month of the Bible include “Exhibition of the Christian Book”: the smallest Bible in the world among the books on show

Friday, 24 September 2004

Lima (Fides Service) - As part of the “Month of the Bible 2004” 31 August to 3 October, the Office for Catechesis, Biblical Pastoral and Pastoral Care of Indigenous Peoples of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference has organised a series of activities all over the country to encourage people to read and listen to the Word of God.
Today an exhibition “The Christian Book” will be officially opened at the Association for Christian Youth in Lima. It will close on October 3. Christian publishers and books shops from all over Peru are presenting books. Among the more unusual items the smallest Bible in the world, printed in Indonesia, and a copy of the first Spanish translation of the Bible.
The exhibition includes other activities, a series of conferences on different themes: “The Trinity”, “The Message of Joy”, “Poverty”, “Freedom”. A museum of the Bible will show how the first copies of the Bible were written and how this evolved to the present editions.
From 27 to 30 September there will be a Seminar on Biblical Sciences for bishops, priests, seminarians, pastoral operators and anyone else, with speakers at the national and international level. There will also be a Music Festival for young people and families. For more information apply to the Bishops’ Commission for Catechesis, Biblical Pastoral and Pastoral Care of Indigenous Peoples: (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 24/9/2004; Righe 18, Parole 229)