AMERICA/URUGUAY-After euthanasia carried out in hospitals, the Church stresses the duty to always defend life.

Montevideo (Agenzia Fides) - The population of Uruguay is still dismayed by the terrible situation that came into the open a few days ago when it was learned that a group of nurses in more than one hospital, carried out euthanasia without any control . In this context, the Conference of Bishops issued a statement on the occasion of Easter, to express the feelings of Christians before these events and to encourage the defense of life in all its stages, from before birth until natural death.
"We refer –is read in the statement signed by Mgr. Carlos Collazzi, Bishop of Mercedes and President of the Episcopal Conference - especially to crimes committed against people who were in intensive care, totally helpless. We raise our prayer for those who have seen their lives shattered, for their bereaved families and also for the perpetrators of these deaths. With all the Uruguayan society, we hope that measures will help to rebuild trust in health care organizations. With the same sensitivity we remember that the debate on the decriminalization of abortion will soon have a decisive stage in the House of Representatives. Here we are in front of defenseless human lives. We reaffirm our belief, supported by science, that every life that is in the womb is that of a human being who asks to be born and to continue to develop in all aspects of life, and therefore to participate with all its rights and duties in the life of our society". (CE) (Agenzia Fides 29/3/2012)

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