ASIA/INDIA - Pressure from civil society increases for the release of the Italian hostage of the Maoists

Bhubaneshwar (Agenzia Fides) - After the release of Claudio Colangelo - one of the two Italian hostages kidnapped by Maoist rebels a few days ago - "there are strong pressures from civil society and there is great public awareness in Orissa, in asking the release of the second hostage, Paolo Bosusco", say Fides sources in Orissa. The Maoist rebel group released Claudio Colangelo, explains the source of Fides, "on humanitarian basis and also for the pressures on behalf of civil society, of the same tribal people", offering "a sign of good will in the matter".
Now everyone is waiting for the release of the second hostage, while negotiations between the government and rebels have started again. The rebels ask the government to fulfill at least some of their demands and, according to sources of Fides, "the government will make a step", even if the affair was complicated, in past days, by the kidnapping of a congressman in Orissa. But "the MP was kidnapped in Andhra Pradesh, another state, and by another commando of rebels", notes the source of Fides. For this reason the two cases of kidnapping "will remain separate, even in the negotiations".
In the Church in Orissa, meanwhile, "we pray and hope for a positive development," said a priest, while various components of society, such as women, associations, tribal groups, students, continue to raise awareness and continue to demonstrate, in various forms, for an immediate release of the innocent hostages. "This movement - states the source of Fides - is very important for the collective consciousness, and also affects the kidnappers". (PA) (Agenzia Fides 26/3/2012)

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