ASIA/SOUTH KOREA-First Forum for the Reconciliation of Korean People

Seoul (Agenzia Fides) - Exploring perspectives, hopes and actions to jump-start the reconciliation of the Korean people and the reunification of the two Koreas: is the aim of the "First Forum for Reconciliation", launched by the "Commission for the Reconciliation of the Korean people", in the Episcopal Conference of Korea, presided by His Exc. Mgr. Lucas Kim Woon-hoe. As reported to Fides by the Commission, the Forum aims to "help public understanding, preparing it for reunification" more effectively modulating the movement for reconciliation and unity of the Korean people, as well as humanitarian aid to the North.
At a meeting held in recent days, the Forum addressed three specific issues: the process of succession of the power in North Korea; the change of attitude of North Korea; Kim Jong-un’s international relations, especially the relationship with China.
Peter Lim Eul-chul, Professor at the Institute for Far Eastern Studies of the "Kyungnam University," underlined the characteristics of Kim Jong-un’s succession of power: the rapid succession; the idolatry of the mass; the retracing of his father's footsteps. Lim has predicted that Kim Jong-un will strengthen economic cooperation with Russia and China, to meet the sanctions of the international community.
Ms. Hellen Im Soon-hee, a researcher at the National Institute for the Unification of Korea, said that for the North Korean people, national pride and confidence in the leader appear to weaken, primarily because of economic difficulties. This may generate a positive vision of the South Korean society and culture and the need to open up to the outside world.
According to John Lee Young-hun, a researcher at the Institute "Supex Management", the economic cooperation between North and South Korea does not give a great contribution to improving the economic situation of North Korea. According to the researcher, in the next few months Pyongyang will seek to strengthen the relationship and the support of China, in an exchange that reflects an interest not only economic but also political and military. (PA) (Agenzia Fides 20/3/2012)

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