ASIA/INDIA - Girl converted to Christianity thrown out of her house and beaten by Hindu extremists

Calcutta (Agenzia Fides) - Rekha is a girl who a few months ago discovered the message of Jesus Christ and embraced him in her life. Her conversion, however, was not accepted by her parents, of Hindu faith, and other members of the community of her village, Nutangram, near Calcutta, Indian state of West Bengal. And so, inform local sources of Fides, on 12 March Rekha was beaten and thrown out of her home and the village only because of the Christian faith. According to the story refered to Fides, a few months ago Rekha attended a liturgical celebration at the "Khodaejamat Church," the Protestant Christian community, and her heart was touched by grace and faith. Since then she attended religious services regularly, and her love for Jesus grew. The fact was criticized by family members who scolded and beat her, however, unable to dissuade her. Rekha found "the precious pearl " and refused to yield to pressure. That is why she was thrown out, and now she has found refuge with a Christian family.
"The story is symptomatic of how the conversions to Christianity are frowned upon and even prevented in Indian society", notes a source of Fides in India. Incidents involving the sensitive key of "conversion" continue to occur: on March 4, in Karnataka, the police arrested a Baptist Pastor, K. Manohar, after some Hindu extremists had burst into a meeting of worship, beating the faithful and accusing them of "forced and fraudulent conversions." The Pastor was beaten and taken to the police station in Ankola. After hours, he was released because he was found innocent. (SD-PA) (Agenzia Fides 14/3/2012)

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