AMERICA/HAITI - Manifesto for the defense of Haitian migrants human rights in Brazil

Friday, 27 January 2012

Bogota (Agenzia Fides) - "The national and international Organizations in support of migration, together with migration research groups from different Brazilian universities follow with concern the reality faced by Haitian migrants in the border region of northern Brazil and the covering given to this reality by Brazilian and international media". This is what is said in a statement by CELAM concerning the Defense of Haitian migrants Human Rights, sent to Fides, in which it proposes to work together with the Government of Haiti and with international bodies involved in the problems of migration to stop the action of organized crime (the so-called "coyotes") within the migration movements.
The text continues: "We agree with the need to consider this new reality as a human rights issue, as with all migration flows which begin to increase in the region of Brazil, we suggest that the Brazilian government should consider to make concrete the humanitarian attitude that is marking the words and actions of the government on issues affecting international relations, and that helped Brazil to have a political and economic recognition in the international context".
The document, signed by a number of cultural organizations and commitment to the phenomenon of migration, proposes 11 points to fulfill, among which are: informing society about the motivations that are leading to the emigration of many Haitians to Brazil; to stimulate Brazilians to participate in initiatives of solidarity towards all the Haitians arrived; to sensitize the media so that they do not create alarmism and criminalization against Haitians; to work jointly with the governments of Latin American states for social inclusion of Haitians in the different countries; to elaborate with the countries of transit measures necessary to ensure safe migration; to work with the government of Haiti and international organizations to curb the criminal acts against migrants; to carry out adequate studies on the phenomenon that also include expectations, training and opportunities for the inclusion of Haitians in Brazilian society; reconsider the process of formulation of migration policies with the objective of inclusiveness and respect for human rights. (CE) (Agenzia Fides 27/01/2012)