AMERICA/COLOMBIA As part of the “Week for Peace”, Regional Humanitarian Conference to examine situation in Andes area and problems provoked by armed conflict in Colombia

Friday, 3 September 2004

Bogota (Fides Service) - As part of the “Week for Peace” 5 to 12 September which will be marked all over Colombia this year, a Regional Humanitarian Conference will be held on the theme “Humanitarian Situation and Conflict on Colombia”. The conference, 7 to 9 September in Cali, is organised by the “Andes Programme for Democracy and Human Rights”, under the aegis of the European Union and a number of national and international organisations working to promote respect for human rights and peace. The initiative is also sponsored by the Colombian Bishops’ Conference through the national office for Social Pastoral. Participants will include representatives of social organisations involved in protecting human rights and promoting peace in countries in the region of the Andes mountains; members of parliament, mayors, representatives of district and regional administration, officials from border zones; members of agencies of the United Nations, the European Union, the Inter-American System of the OIM and other international bodies such as the Red Cross, Norwegian Council for Refugees, Jesuit Refugee Service etc. Special guests will include representatives of other governments who will be present as observers.
The conference has the following objectives: examine the humanitarian situation in the region of the Andes; identify regional humanitarian problems caused by armed conflict in Colombia; draft an Andes Humanitarian Declaration e/o Ouline for an Andes Humanitarian Project; draft a regional humanitarian programme identifying the main problems, alternatives and juridical and political proposals for its realisation; plan action in collaboration with the civil societes which, as far as possible, support the efforts of governments in the Andes region for a political solution to the conflict in Colombia. The participants will reflect on the topics with the help of experts in each field. For more information apply to: (R.Z.) (Agenzia Fides 3/9/2004; Righe 22, Parole 267)