May the Holy Spirit give rise to a number of missionary vocations from our community, willing to fully devote themselves in spreading the kingdom of God" - Comments regarding the Missionary Intention- June 2011

Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Vatican City (Agenzia Fides) - The Council Decree Ad Gentes said that the pilgrim Church is missionary by nature, because it originates from the mission of the Son and the Holy Spirit, according to the Father's plan, who is the source of love (see AG 2). By freely creating us, He called us, without any interest, to participate in his divine life, seeking at the same time his own glory and our happiness.
Thanks to the Paschal mystery of Christ, the gift of the Holy Spirit has spread throughout the world. His body, like the alabaster box, broke during his passion to spread the Church's sweetest fragrance of the Spirit. This Spirit, Sanctifier and Giver of life, is the soul of the Church's mission. Pentecost fills with force witnesses of Christ's love in the world and at the same time, prepares the hearts of those who receive the Word, so they can receive the gift of the Word of Life, which was made visible in Christ.
It is still the spirit that inspires the human heart a desire to adhere to Christ, to share his mission, to be sent around the world to preach the good news. The Church is not a human enterprise, which owes its success to the organizational skills of those who lead it. It is only divine work, through which, despite the limitations of men who compose it, God accomplishes his work of sanctification. It is true, however, that some difficulties within the Church are an obstacle for the missionary vitality.
Blessed Pope John Paul II noted with sadness that sometimes you feel a lack of fervor among the faithful and the ministers that is manifested in fatigue and disappointment, in the compromise with the environment and indifference and above all, in the lack of joy and of hope (cf. RM 36). He cited as one of the most serious reasons of lack of missionary zeal, a widespread indifferentist mentality, unfortunately even among Christians. This mentality is rooted in theological positions which are not corrected and marked by a religious relativism which leads to think that one religion is the same as another.
Given this situation, we need the fervent prayer of the Church. Missionary vocations, like any vocation, are a free gift from God. It is necessary to pray the master so he sends laborers to his harvest. It is necessary to create a climate of openness to the Holy Spirit that gives new dynamism to the Church, on the basis of the universal love of God for all men. We have to get together in prayer with Mary, the Apostles at Pentecost, to learn from Her docility to the Holy Spirit.
Many young people are afraid to face the call of God, in front of a representation of the following of Christ seen as loss of oneself and things. Modern man seeks God on the one hand, and on the other hand is appalled by the demands of true love, the only one which allows you to meet and enjoy God. We need our brothers to understand, especially with our lives, that the fire of God does not destroy but creates life.
Benedict XVI said in his homily at Pentecost last year: "We must recognize that losing something, indeed, ourselves for the true God, the God of love and life, is actually a way of earning money, a way of realizing who we are. Those who trust Jesus experiences already in this life peace and joy, that the world cannot give, and cannot remove once God has given them to us. It is therefore worthwhile to let oneself be touched by the fire of the Holy Ghost! The pain that it brings us is necessary for our transformation. "(Homily, 5/23/2010).
We ask the grace not to be afraid of being touched by fire. We pray that many young people are touched by the fire of God, because through their lives dedicated to the Church, the face of the earth with the love of Christ, which lives through his missionaries, is renewed. (Agenzia Fides 31/05/2011)