AFRICA/TUNISIA- The procedures for repatriation of Africans who fled from Libya and who are not entitled to asylum have begun

Tunis (Agenzia Fides) - " 350 Sudanese were repatriated last night and tonight another 250 from Sudan, Chad and the Ivory Coast. Virtually all those who do not have right to political asylum will be expelled to their country of origin, " says Dr. Alganesc Fessaha to Fides, a doctor who assists Eritrean refugees in Chouca camp about 25 km from the town of Ras Ajdir, in Tunisia near the border with Libya. Today, May 26, the funerals of four Eritreans who were killed in the fire provoked by a group of refugees from Sudan and Nigeria will be held, " says Dr. Fessaha, who reconstructs how the events happened.
"There had been a first attempt of violence against an Eritrean minor on behalf of a Sudanese. The Eritreans defended her and then the UNHCR took steps to send the girl to Romania. Then another Sudanese tried to abuse an Eritrean woman, underage, and again his countrymen intervened to defend her. The same person then tried to abuse a third woman. Eventually he was arrested after he had threatened to burn the Eritreans` tents. One of his friends must have carried out the threats, because at three am on Sunday, 22 May, 21 tents were burned, including one where four were Eritreans were killed. "(L.M.) (Agenzia Fides 05/26/2011)

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